01.Air Traffic Management

D.01.1 Ethical opinion/authorization (Restricted)
D.01.4 Model Validation (Public)
D.01.5 Tool Validation (Public)

02.Critical National Infrastructure

D.02.1 Ethical opinion/authorization (Restricted)
D.02.4 Model Validation (Public)

03.Urban Public Transport

D.03.1 Ethical opinion/authorization (Restricted)
D.03.4 Model Validation (Public)
D.03.5 Tool Validation (Public)

04.Security and Society

D.04.1 Ethical opinion/authorization (Restricted)

05.Security Risk Models

06.Economics and Systems Models

D.06.4 A Set of Policy Papers (Public)

07.Cross Mission Consolidation

D.07.1 Validation Plan (Public)

08.Tool Support

D.08.4 The SECONOMICS Toolkit (Public)

09.Outreach and Community building

D.09.05 Interim dissemination plan (Public)
D.09.09 Final Dissemination Plan (Public)
D.09.10 Final exploitation plan (Public)