D.01.5. Tool Validation

D1.5 Tool Validation presents the Toolkit validation process for the Airport Security,
and describes the process, the practices, the activities and the outcomes of the
SECONOMICS tool validation task, including the policy guidelines and the software
Toolkit for Airport Security decision support.
This report describes the final evaluation on the SECONOMICS results towards
general acceptance and appreciation of the mechanisms and computational
strategies under the models; the models’ results quality and usefulness; and the tool
implementation and effectiveness.
In WP1 the Toolkit has been introduced to the Airport Security stakeholders in
different phases using the “Good Practice” approach, on how scientific models can
be introduced and used by policy makers for evidence-based policy making.
Stakeholders at operational decision-making level (such as Anadolu Airport, Ancona-
Falconara Airport, Perugia Airport and Rimini Airport security managers) as well as
policy-makers at national and international level (like Assoaeroporti, DG Move,
Eurocontrol, IATA) have been involved the practice, along through four activity
types: 1) Introduction and buy-in by key stakeholders; 2) Familiarization and
Confidence building; 3) Calibration; 4) What-if scenario & refinement.
Stakeholders at Airport Security decision-making and policy-making levels have been
involved in two workshops and also in a panel during the SECONOMICS Summit to
discuss and rate the SECONOMICS Toolkit and for analyzing different security-critical
scenarios. The Toolkit has been appreciated and accepted by the stakeholders
involved in the final validation session. Policy-makers in the airport security domain
evaluated the Toolkit as an integrated set of instruments with its own internal
coherence and effectiveness.
SECONOMICS KPI for WP1 Airport Security study are presented in Appendix A and the
project results are presented in the Policy Paper in Appendix G.

Tool Validation