5 / Nov / 2014
EU Commission Covent Garden, Place Rogier 16, Brussels

Seconomics Summit Registration (Registration closed)

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the SECONOMICS Summit that will be held on 5th November, 2014 in EU Commission Covent Garden, Place Rogier 16, Brussels.

In security, delayed or wrong decisions can have serious consequences and lead to critical disruptions. SECONOMICS is a project which deals with the mitigation of potential security threats and also investigates the sustainability of security.

During the SECONOMICS Summit, three case studies will be presented and discussed:

  • Anadolu’s Airport Infrastructures (Turkey): Airports are open, complex and tightly coupled systems where crisis events affecting one department will likely cause a domino effect, within the organization and on the nearby infrastructures. SECONOMICS is investigating airport security aiming at cost effective and satisfactory crisis decision making and security policy and management all over Europe.
  • National Grid (UK): Electricity Transmission Grid owns and operates the electricity transmission grid in the UK which is considered a critical infrastructure of the country. Incentivising critical infrastructure operators to be cyber secure is crucial and SECONOMICS is investigating which regulatory frameworks would work best for this type of infrastructure.
  • Barcelona urban public transport (Spain): Any news appeared in mass media about any incident on the public transport impacts directly to the citizens’ perception of security in the city. Based on this use case, SECONOMICS works in the development of adequate standards and procedures for the harmonised implementation of solutions that will be valid at European level.

Stakeholders will have an opportunity to voice their perspectives and opinions on the future deployment of this security action.