D.06.4. A Set of Policy Papers

This deliverable presents a comprehensive set of policy papers. They outline both our spe-
cific policy recommendations and scientific underpinnings founded in our scientific work and
the policy tool. The culmination of the SECONOMICS project is a series of policy recommen-
dations and this is in the form of the policy oriented scientific papers found in this volume.
The SECONOMICS project is founded in the concept of the production of evidence led
policy, based on structural models that carefully address the economic incentives of agents
and the physical and technological environment that is subject to attack. These models
are programmed in the Matlab programming language and translated using various other
languages (such as Java) to integrate them into the Toolkit. The purpose of this compendium
is threefold:
1. To outline the underlying theories used to build the SECONOMICS Toolkit.
2. To illustrate how these models have been used to build policy in the SECONOMICS
3. To demonstrate, in detail, how we have combined qualitative and quantitative evidence
into our policy framework.

A Set of Policy Papers