D.02.2. National Grid Requirements (first version)

This report presents the first version of National Grid’s requirements for Electricity Transmission with respect to Work Package 2 of the SECONOMICS project. The report covers how the requirements for this case study will fit into the greater work plan of the SECONOMICS project. In addition it covers a series of case scenarios in the current and future states of the UK electricity transmission which are candidates for the modelling work to be carried out by the RTD work packages (WPs 4, 5, 6).
This report lays the groundwork to answer the following questions in the final version of National Grid’s requirements:
•Does the current CNI regulation adequately and appropriately ensure that National Grid mitigates the risks in the current state i.e. are the current regulatory frameworks fit for purpose?
•Are the current regulatory frameworks flexible and adaptable enough to manage the future state?
•What regulatory frameworks would be better in the current and future states?

Pending of approval from the Research Executive Agency - European Commission

National Grid Requirements (first version)