D.09.06. First Ethical Monitoring Report

This document summarises the main ethical issues of the SECONOMICS project. Section 1 describes the project scope – the development of a set of policy tools and control instruments that can help to design security policies to protect infrastructures from threats like terrorism or other risks. The principal ethical concern in this project is the safeguarding of sensitive confidential information. Section 2 describes SECONOMICS’ research methodology. The work plan has been distributed in nine workpackages. Due to its special ethical concerns, W1 to WP4 have defined their ethical procedures. Section 3 analyses separately the ethical issues considered in each one of the main affected workpackages previously mentioned, and describes, when available, the institutional ethical procedures of the project partners in charge or ethical issues in each workpackage. In addition to this, and due to the special characteristics of the project and the importance of the information confidentiality, SECONOMICS has settled down a Security Scrutiny Review Committee (SSRC) which supervises which information can be disclosed and published – depending on the target group of audience. Finally, an ethical monitoring by an ethics expert has been implemented in SECONOMICS in order to assess the execution of the different ethical requirements within the project in accordance with applicable national legislations. Section 4 concludes that all the ethical issues have been extensively considered.
First Ethical Monitoring Report