D.04.4. Discourses and Justification of Security and Risk

This deliverable focuses on a comparative analysis of discourses and justifications of
security and risk in domestic and international media. The identification of effective
channels and patterns of communication and risk prevention for specific target groups is
a fundamental topic that needs to be explored. The report is based on the results of the
Prague Graduate School in Comparative Qualitative Analysis 2013, a comparative
analysis of domestic and international media and expert blogs from around the world.
Junior scholars, together with the Prague SECONOMICS team, wrote ten individual
country and blog reports, as well as one comparative report. Appendices 7, 8, and 9 of
this deliverable summarises these reports. Furthermore, the best reports have been
published in the peer-reviewed Prague SECONOMICS Discussion Papers and are available
for download on the SECONOMICS project website1 and on the IS AS CR website.

Discourses and Justification of Security and Risk