D.04.2. Report on perception security and acceptance of risk

The deliverable focuses on risk perception across and outside the European Union using a variety of empirical resources as evidence. The deliverable reviews the perception of risk and then seeks to determine varying degrees of risk tolerance as a function of different cultural and socio-economic conditions. It offers general overview of citizens´ perceptions and attitudes toward risk and security, conditionality of these, as well as attitudes to the various trade-offs, as demonstrated on the tensions between freedom and privacy on one hand and security on the other hand. The deliverable begins with a review of existing social science literature assessing risk and risk perception. Using s number of cross-national surveys, the study comparatively assesses number of issues connected with perceptions of risk and threats by citizens of multiple countries. The presented analysis shows interesting results; however, it also points to the weaknesses of the secondary analysis of available international data. The main limitation being the link to case studies of the project. Given the limited availability of relevant data, alternative strategy is outlined in the conclusions to obtain own data directly related to research needs of the project. Collection of qualitative data on the dilemmas between security and freedom, from the perspective of citizen and her acceptance of policy-decisions, legislation and measures as a response to existing and future threats; directly related to case studies will not only provide new and unique perspective, but also strengthen the overall cohesion of the project.

Pending of approval from the Research Executive Agency - European Commission

Report on perception security and acceptance of risk