D.07.2. Critical infrastructure user requirements, covering Grid,transport and airport domains

SECONOMICS is a collaborative research project on the socio-economics of security focusing on both information and physical security. The project is driven by three industry case studies in critical infrastructure protection. The case studies apply to airport security (Anadolu airport case study), security of energy distribution (the UK's National Grid case study), and security of local and urban transport (Barcelona's urban transportation case study.)
The project's goal is to synthesize sociological, economic and security science into a usable, concrete, actionable framework and toolkit for policy makers and social planners responsible for citizen's security. This framework defines a socio-economic methodology that span across different domains, such as airport, Grid and urban transport, in order to support decision-making processes on the viability of security measures, taking into account the impact on citizens. WP1, 2, and 3 of the project provide case study inputs while WP4, 5, and 6 develop project's technical results based on those inputs. WP7 and 8 will then integrate those results into the SECONOMICS framework and toolkit respectively. WP7 has three main responsibilities: (i) gather user requirements from the case study domains: airport, Grid and transport; (ii) consolidate experience and results across the three case study domains: grid; and (iii) consolidate and generalize the SECONOMICS framework based on the project’s technical results. This deliverable addresses responsibilities (i) and (ii) of WP7 that gathers and consolidates case study security requirements from WP1, WP2, and WP3. We present policy decision-making needs in each case study and generalize cross-domain decision making needs. This deliverable also discusses how the case studies help to addresses security and cross cutting missions of the SECONOMICS project.

Pending of approval from the Research Executive Agency - European Commission

Critical infrastructure user requirements, covering Grid,transport and airport domains