D.08.2. Complete design of prototype

This document is the second deliverable scheduled for WP8. After having evaluated in D8.1 all tools available by the different partners we have come out with a first prototype for the design of the tool framework and its visualization required by our partners. Of all the tools introduced in D8.1, we will explain which of them will be incorporated into the tool as components and frameworks, and how they will be used. This includes the description of the WP5 implementation. In this deliverable, we will describe in detail the whole design of the prototype and its implementation. The architecture we have designed defines a component-wise structure which mainly consists of eight parts: The Analyses Plugin Provider, which loads the available analyses The Selector, which enables the user to select one The Workflow View, which structures the parameter into different steps The Generic Parameter, Interface which requests the parameter from the user for the selected Model · A visual designer “Adversarial Influence Diagram Editor” (AID), which shows the underlying Models for ARA Models · The Matlab Execution, which runs the Matlab analysis implementation · The Result View, which plots the result given back by the analysis · The Matlab implementations, which provides the SECONOMICS-models and analyses First, the whole structure of the tool will be presented, in order to give an overview of the prototype and then, each component will be explained in detail. The internal functionality, including the underlying conceptual ideas, will also be discussed, showing the deeper structure of code in detail. We have made use of the Matlab Connection, the Eclipse Framework, the Graphiti Framework, an XML Reader Component and of JFreeChart as the Plotter component.
Complete design of prototype