D.03.2. Urban public transport Requirements (first version)

This report presents the first version of the urban public transport’s requirements document within Work Package 3 of the SECONOMICS project. The report presents a series of security case scenarios in current Barcelona’s underground which will be analysed and modelled by the RTD work packages (WP4, WP5 and WP6).
This report explains how the use case contributes to the SECONOMICS project. For this purpose the societal dimension of security in the urban public transport is analysed. An important aspect related to security and society in urban public transport is the perception of security that will be analysed in depth in the use case. The case study leads to a security resource allocation problem in which adversarial features need to be taken into account. Moreover, we have identified three policy making scenarios to be further considered.
The security risk models and methodology will be applied to the urban public transport use case as well as the economics and policy makings models.
Furthermore, the Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) case provides inputs that should be worthwhile exploring and including within the SECONOMICS modelling tool.
The next version of the document on urban public transport’s requirements will cover the full scenario definition and will identify the detailed requirements for the SECONOMICS tool development.

Pending of approval from the Research Executive Agency - European Commission

Urban public transport Requirements (first version)