D.09.05. Interim dissemination plan

This document summarises the dissemination strategy of the SECONOMICS project (M1- M18). Section 1 starts by matching the SECONOMICS target groups with their information needs, the most convenient formats for dissemination actions and the most appropriated SECONOMICS dissemination materials. Section 2 describes in detail the dissemination materials that have been prepared during M1-M18. The SECONOMICS dissemination team has already started to prepare the “SECONOMICS selling packages”, one for each target group, with the dissemination materials available. Section 3 links the SECONOMICS dissemination activities with the organisation of the stakeholders panels (Task 9.2.3, Workshops coordination). Section 4 provides the list of publications about SECONOMICS between months M1-M18, including those that has been added to the OpenAIRE Repository, and section 5 provides the list of dissemination activities carried on in the same period. Tables prepared are compatible with the EC templates A and B required for the project’s final report. Section 6 provides a table with synergies and contacts with other projects. Finally, section 7 provides a table of Key Performance Indicators related to the dissemination activities with a column of the performance achieved during M1-M18.
Interim dissemination plan