D.02.3. National Grid Requirements (final version)

This report presents the final version of National Grid’s requirements for Electricity Transmission with respect to Work Package 2 of the SECONOMICS project. It follows on from the work documented in SECONOMICS Deliverable 2.2 titled ‘National Grid Requirements – First Version’.
This report presents the requirements for Work Package 2 which focus on understanding and assessing the information/cyber security regulatory frameworks that are or could apply to Critical National Infrastructure operators. National Grid’s electricity transmission network in the UK serves as the example that is used to assess these regulatory structures in this work package.
The information/cyber security scenarios of Work Package 2 have been constructed to cover the entire picture of National Grid’s UK Critical National Infrastructure in the current state and the short to medium term future. For the current state, both threat and risk assessments are completed for the different business areas in scope. The future state consists of the future and emerging threats that were identified in numerous internal National Grid workshops and external security roundtable meetings.
For regulators, mitigating the risks identified in the current state and potential risks in the future state is achieved through the regulatory structures in place. National Grid, being a regulated entity, has significant experience of the regulatory structures that it is subject to and these are presented in this report.
The security scenarios and discussion on regulatory structures provide a thorough background to progress the building of models, and producing policy recommendations, that will be relevant to Critical National Infrastructure. The aim of this work will look at the following areas:
•To assess whether the current Critical National Infrastructure regulations adequately and appropriately ensure that National Grid mitigates the risks in the current state i.e. are the current regulatory frameworks fit for purpose.
•As National Grid and the energy industry across Europe moves towards the future state, analyse whether the current regulatory frameworks are flexible and adaptable enough to manage these changes.
•Which regulatory structures would be better in the current and future states? And can we look at examples elsewhere in the world or in other industries?
These areas form the key requirements of this work package.

Pending of approval from the Research Executive Agency - European Commission

National Grid Requirements (final version)