D.03.3. Urban Public Transport Requirements

This report presents the final version of TMB requirements for Urban Transport with respect to Work Package 3 of the SECONOMICS project. It follows on from the work documented in SECONOMICS Deliverable 3.2 titled ‘Urban public transport requirements first version’.
This report presents the requirements for Work Package 3 which focuses on understanding and assessing the security environment, that in the case of a public transport, the passengers’ perception of security has an important precedence. The main part of the report develops the security measures used in the TMB metro network, the resources used to implement such measures as well as the risk prevention framework and the regulatory framework in force at TMB. This frame is, to a great extent, the same in force for other Transport Operators in the European Union.
The security scenarios of Work Package 3 have been constructed to cover the widest range of security incidents, existing and emerging, not only at local level, but also those affecting most on European urban transport operators. The effectiveness of the security measures is provided as a complement of the information provided in the scenarios. It is specifically addressed the identification and management of new and emerging threats and their relation with the described scenarios.
The perspective of stakeholders regarding the security is provided from inputs collected during the validation and dissemination activities conducted as part of the project tasks.
The security scenarios and discussion on the security dimension that affect the transport user’s security regulatory structures provide a thorough background to progress the building of models that will be relevant to other Public Transport Operators.

Urban Public Transport Requirements