D.07.1. Validation Plan

The SECONOMICS project will deal with cross-domain and multi-perspective challenges, including policy, risk, economics and security. The multi-purpose dimension of the planned SECONOMICS framework and toolbox must be developed with care and in a step-by-step environment with realistic case studies and end-user driven development. The SECONOMICS project has therefore adapted a case study based development and evaluation approach. This document describes the SECONOMICS evaluation approach and validation plan, as well as outlines the detailed requirements and evaluation criteria for the three case study domains: airport, transport and grid. The document described the validation objectives with respect to the expected project results and the way the evaluation and validation activity will be organised and carried out in order to address these objectives.
Essential for the success of the SECONOMICS project is a close interaction between the technical workpackages (WPs 4, 5 and 6) and the case study workpackages (WPs 1, 2 and 3). This interaction is supported by the case study based development and validation approach adopted by the project and WP 7 focusing on cross-mission challenges and generalization of results across critical infrastructure domains. WPs7 and 8 will integrate results from the technical work packages into the SECONOMICS framework and toolkit respectively. Each case study will test and validate a dedicated part of the framework and toolkit and feedback from the validation will be directed into the development of the technical solutions in WPs 4, 5 and 6.
The high-level validation objectives defined across the case studies are: user acceptability, domain suitability and technical usability. These high-level validation objectives are refined and adapted for each of the three case study domains, along with details on the various case study protocols. To cover a sufficient amount of the technical results, the case studies focus on different aspects of the SECONOMICS framework and toolkit. Together, the validation results will give input into the generalization of the SECONOMICS results across the three case study domains and across other critical infrastructure domains.

Pending of approval from European Commission

Validation Plan