Newsletter / Press

SECONOMICS Newsletter - Issue 5 - Mar 2015

In this Issue:
- What we Managed to Produce
- Industrial Impact
- Scientific Impact
- “What you can get”

SECONOMICS Newsletter Issue 4 - October 2014

Special issue: SECONOMICS Tools
- SECONOMICS Architecture
- Tools and Frameworks
- Architecture design
- SECONOMICS components
- Implementation of Airport Security

SECONOMICS Newsletter Issue 3 - June 2014

In this Issue:
- Anadolu University Workshop (Airports case study)
- Case Study of Salience of Security measures: Acceptance of Airport Security
- Participatory Interviews in the Airport Case Study Validation Activities
- Critical National Infrastructure Case Study
- Public Transport dissemination activities

Germany National Report - SECONOMICS

Is Germany ready to give up a piece of privacy to get more safety? This document tries to answer this question. The perception of security in Germany is analysed through the articles and references in the media.