SECONOMICS Validation Workshop: Security & Economic models in Critical National Infrastructure

On 27th January 2014, NGRID, UNIABDN and UDUR organised a validation and calibration workshop around the economic and systems models in the CNI work package around the effectiveness of information and cyber security regulation in CNI. The workshop took place with National Grid’s security leadership who bring expertise in all areas of information and cyber security with a focus on the UK’s Electricity Transmission Network.

SECONOMICS in the eGazete of the Anadolu University

The eGazete of the Anadolu University has recently published a mention to the SECONOMICS project. The Anadolu University, which is a partner of the SECONOMICS project, was created in 1982 from the union of four existing higher education institutes in Eskişehir: the Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Eskişehir, the State Academy of Architecture and Engineering, the Institute of Education, and a medical school.

SECONOMICS project stakeholder conference in Anadolu University, February 27-28th, 2014.

The Anadolu University and the SECONOMICS Consortium are inviting selected civil aviation stakeholders from different fields (European and National Authorities, Industries, Institutions and Research) to a validation workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Two SECONOMICS papers accepted by the 23rd International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress

Two SECONOMICS papers has been accepted in the 23rd International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress that will be held from July 19 to July 24, 2014 in Montreal, Canada. These two papers are:

Paper 1: Security, safety and its price
Zdenka Mansfeldová, Petra Guasti


Julian Williams, from the SECONOMICS team, has been appointed as a member of the scientific committee for WEIS. Congratulations!

SECONOMICS validation workshop: Security and socio-economics models in public transport

Atendees to the SECONOMICS Workshop in Barcelona
On 19th December 2013, ATOS and TMB organised a validation workshop about security and socio-economics models in public transport. During this workshop, which took place in Barcelona, the SECONOMICS project was introduced and their scenarios werw presented. The models of security and society and risk analysis were also examined and discussed. Conclusions will be presented in the SECONOMICS Newsletter Issue in March 2014

SECONOMICS presentation at the ValueSec Final Conference

Woohyun Shim at SECONOMICS presentation
SECONOMICS has been presented by Woohyun Shim at the ValueSec Final Conference in Brussels in Dec 10, 2013. ValueSec is a FP7 project which aim is to develop a cost-benefit approach for current and future security measures in Europe.

SECONOMICS Review in Brussels

The first SECONOMICS review took place on 3rd October 2013 in Brussels. This event gave the opportunity to take this family photo of the SECONOMICS team after the work.

SECONOMICS Stakeholders workshop in Turkey

SECONOMICS methodology has been presented and evaluated in a successful Workshop taking place 14-15 November 2013 at Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey. Together with Anadolu Airport personnel and University researchers, researchers from DeepBlue and University of Trento participated into the event as airport security case study responsible. 15 people from both the University Airport operation management and the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics were involved in the Worskhop activities. They were presented the current results from the project, ... e.g.

SECONOMICS Stakeholders workshop

Date: 19 December 2013 Venue: Barcelona (Spain) This workshop will be organized by TMB and will cover aspect from SECONOMICS WPs 3, 4 and 5.