SECONOMICS workshop at Anadolu University (Turkey)

A dissemination and validation workshop for airport security was performed at Anadolu University, 27-28th of February 2014. The workshop consisted of two sessions:

1st day: General SECONOMICS project and security-related perception presentations
2nd day: scenarios and models on airport security and discussions.

The objectives were to share information about the SECONOMICS project with high level professionals on Airport and ATM security, and to understand the stakeholders idead about project scenarios, models and outputs.

The workshop participants were mainly professionals from: European Commission, Turkish CAA-DGCA (Directorate of General Civil Aviation), Turkish ANSP-DHMI (which is responsible for all state airports), Airliners (Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airline), Sabiha Gokcen (Istanbul) airport, Air Traffic Controller’s Association (TATCA), abd researchers and project experts from Anadolu University.