Ferrocarril Metropolita de Barcelona S.A.

Ferrocarril Metropolita de Barcelona S.A.

The organisation

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is the management unit of the companies Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, S.A. and Transports de Barcelona, S.A. These bodies provide a collective passenger transport service for the city of Barcelona, as well as to various municipalities within its orbit of influence, through two transport networks - overground and underground - which complement each other and, at the same time, share this area of activity with the other companies in the sector. As the owner of both companies' shares, Entitat Metropolitana del Transport (EMT) is the governing body that establishes the business guidelines for TMB to follow. Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is the main public transport managing company in the metropolitan area. This leading position in the sector is based on strict fulfillment of its objectives, while remaining aware of the impact that urban transport has on living in the city.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

The security department of TMB will participate in this project, this department has a strong background in underground security, both physical security and security information management and will contribute to the project with their experience in day-to-day security operation and with data contribution. Furthermore, TMB will contribute with project development with their experience in security urban transport projects some of them are described below.

Role in the project: TMB will contribute to WP3 which is lead by Atos with their know-how, experience and providing dates and facts to methodology construction. Furthermore, TMB will validate the urban transport project results.

Interest in project results

The interest of TMB to participate in SECONOMIC proposal is to improve the secutity of transport in the metropolitan area of Barcelona by contributing to the fulfillment of its citizens' travel needs. Furthermore TMB expect that SECONOMIC methodologies and tools help them to meet public transport needs for adequate economic compensation. And finally TMB expect to improve coordination with policy makers.

Related Projects: ADVISOR [IST1999-11287]: Annotated Digital Video For Intelligent Surveillance and Optimised Retrieval. COUNTERACT [FP6 project/SO7.48891]: Cluster Of User Networks in Transport and Energy Relating to Anti-terrorist ACTivities: The project is split into three clusters looking at anti-terrorism security in the Energy, Freight and Passenger Public Transport Sectors. The focus of the Passenger Public Transport Cluster, also coordinated by UITP, has completed targeted studies on the following topics: risk assessment, security planning and public awareness campaigns. MODSafe: Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis.

Key Personnel

Mr. Ricardo Ortega: Ricardo Ortega is Security and Civil Protection Manager in Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona (TMB) Ricardo Ortega has been with Barcelona Underground since 2001, leading since then three different departments: Contra-fraud, Security and Civil Protection. In his current post his main responsibilities are leading projects to improve security perception and preparedness in case of emergency situations, in coordination with the Public Transport Unit (Mossos d’Esquadra- Police), other Security Forces and Fire Brigade. Prior to taking over this post, he was a member of the Security Forces (Guardia Civil) for 20 years, leading different Law and Order Groups, Investigation and Intelligence Units. He has completed his training with different activities in the field of Sociology concerning Security and victims.

Mr. Michael Pellot: Michael Pellot is Director of Research + Development and Internationals Affairs, by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona. He is Bachelor System Engineer, MBA and IESE’s General Management Program (PDG). He started his professional activity as Engineer in Caracas, Vienna & Barcelona. He is involved with Public Transports since 1992 when he started in Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Barcelona. In this company he played different roles as Director of IT Software Developing in PC (1992-1994); Deputy of the CIO (1995-1997); Manager of the Metro Line 1 (1998-2003); Director of New Business Development & External Consultancy (2004-2006); and recently as Director of Research + Development & International affairs.