Economics, Business Models and Innovation Paths in Cyber Security and Privacy: Workshop Session at the CSP Forum

21 / May / 2014 to 22
Athens, Greece

Economics, Business Models and Innovation Paths in Cyber Security and Privacy
Workshop Session at the CSP Forum 2014, 21-22 May 2014

This Cluster Workshop is concerned with Economics and Impact of R&D in Cyber Security and Privacy. Despite the R&D effort and technological advancement, it seems that outcomes are not having a direct impact in terms of creating a trustworthy and secure Internet. This Cluster Workshop intend is concerned with two particular perspectives: Research Impact and Research Dimensions. On the one hand, it is necessary to understand how to enhance research impact to practices and industries. Some of the barriers that prevent transferring research outcomes to practices and industries are due to inadequate support to enhance technology readiness (that is, how mature technology is to be deployed into practice and industry) or to stimulate contextual innovation (that is, how cultural and contextual dynamics favour adoption of technological innovation). Different strategies are possible. Research should highlight how specific outcomes enhance technology readiness to be deployable into practice and industry. Therefore, not all funding and research instruments are suitable for such objective. Another strategy is concerned with the instruments supporting research. Some instruments are tailored to support research and development activities enhancing technology maturity, whereas different instruments need to incentivise competition dynamics creating a market for research innovation.
Workshop Organisers:
Massimo Felici (HP Labs, UK), Olga Gadyatskaya (University of Trento, IT)