Deep Blue SRL

Deep Blue SRL

The organisation

DBL is a research and consultancy company created by a group of senior researchers from major Italian Universities and Research Centres. It has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in Human Factors, Security, Validation, and Safety. The area of activity of the company is the analysis and evaluation of interactive systems, with particular focus on the interaction, integration and allocation of functions between the human, procedural and equipment components.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

Most of the company's work is for European organisations, on a number of specific topics including: (1) evaluation and validation of civil aviation concepts and systems; (2) evaluation of safety and security of socio-technical systems. DBL’s experience brings together long term research projects, R&D project, and applied consultancy work with industrial companies.

Role in the project

DBL will coordinate the collection of users’ needs and requirements in the airport domain, to feed the modelling WPs, and then validate their models with users. DBL will also assist in the validation of the SECONOMICS tool and in the dissemination activities.

Interest in project results

DBL is interested in the know-how concerning the integration of different airport functions and layers into a secure system. The integration of different teams, functions, layers, and systems, is one of the current key research themes in the airport community, where advancements beyond the state is crucial for its impact on the whole of the aviation system.

Related Projects

DBL is or has been involved in several international collaborative projects in the ICT domain that are relevant for the SECONOMICS Project, including:

- ANIKETOS - Secure and Trustworthy Composite Services: DBL acts as domain expert and end user, proposing an application Case Study about ATM for the Validation of project results.

- Security Engineering for lifelong Evolvable Systems (SecureChange): DBL is responsible of the definition of Case Studies and of the Validation of the SecureChange techniques, tools, and processes supporting the design for evolution, testing, verification and re-configuration of evolving software.

-Behavioral Modeling for Security in Airports (BEMOSA): DBL is involved in (i) the field’s studies analysis of the data collected; (ii) the validation of the simulation model; (iii) the design of the training program; (iv) contribution to the dissemination activity.

- System Engineering for Security and Dependability (SERENITY): DBL was the evaluation and application of Security dependability patterns in safety critical systems.

Key Personnel

Simone Pozzi will coordinate Deep Blue’s work. He works in Deep Blue as R&D Aviation expert since 2001. He achieved a master degree (2001) and a PhD (2006), with specialisation in Human-Computer Interaction. Simone has participated in more than 20 applied projects in the area of Safety, Human Factors, & ICT, studying how to integrate humans into technology innovation processes. He regularly publishes in peer-reviewed international academic journal and in international conferences.

Michela Terenzi holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy) (February 2008). Her research interests concern the investigation of human cognitive processes during the interaction with complex systems. She has extensive experience in developing and performing observational studies, surveys and questionnaires to validate security procedures in the airport system (she is DBL Project Coordinator for the BEMOSA project). She works in Deep Blue since March 2009, where she has been involved as Human Factors and Validation Expert in EU funded projects and in aviation researches founded by Eurocontrol.