Cyber Security & Privacy Forum 2014

20 / May / 2014 to 21
Athens, Greece

The CSP Forum 2014 will address the following topics primarily, but is not limited to these. It welcomes submissions from researchers working in related areas.

Security In the cloud
•ad hoc networks
•mobile systems
•monitoring systems – personal/domestic/public
•pervasive/ubiquitous computing

Real World
•cyber warfare and security
•protection from cyber-attack: defence and response
•intrusion detection and prevention
•complex systems security
•data and application security
•critical infrastructure protection
•middleware security
•network security
•robustness and resilience
•secure interoperability of systems and policies
•secure service composition
•security and privacy in social applications and networks
•security and trust in the internet of things
•security management in complex scenarios
•software assurance and certification
•threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management
•usable security for complex systems
•web service security

Data protection
•Advances in authentication and identification
•Identity management
•Biometrics – security and privacy

Trusted Systems
•Data/system integrity
•Protection –information and infrastructure
•Operating systems security and privacy
•Security engineering
•Security architectures/security by design
•Security testing/ validation – formal methods

Legal and social
•Human and social implications of security and privacy
•Trust management
•Legal and ethical issues
•Policies for security and privacy

•Applied cryptography
•Advances in cryptography: smaller/faster/specialised/…

•formal methods for security and privacy
•knowledge extraction/representation for security