Anadolu University

Anadolu University

The organization

Anadolu University is the biggest public university in Turkey which has all disciplines including unique facilities such as School of Civil Aviation. Anadolu University School of Civil Aviation is the leading institution in supplying qualified human resources to rapidly growing Turkish Aviation Industry. Since its establishment in 1986, the school has been providing academic education and professional training in the various disciplines of aviation including Air Traffic Management, Aviation Management, Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

The school offers an intensive combination of theoretical and practical classes complying with ICAO standards in well-designed and equipped laboratories, workshops and simulators. Besides the training facilities, the school operates its own airport (LTBY) serving for domestic and international flights and tower control facility providing air traffic services to the commercial and training flight operations. The school recently extended its capabilities in Airport and ATM research by installation of the new radar and aerodrome simulator systems (6 different simulation environment including Anadolu Airport). The system provides creating very effective airport and air traffic scenarios as well as testing even emergency and dangerous situations in the air and on the ground. Anadolu airport is unique airfield by latest extended air side capacity and facilities which is used for both aviation training and commercial transportation with the growing demand potential. The airport environment has developing air transportation demand for both industrial and passenger from other cities around Eskisehir. The Anadolu University Airport is operated by the Civil School of Aviation. The Runway will be 3000 x 45 meters at the end of October 2011 and is lighted for night flights. Radio navigation aids are VOR, DME, ILS, NDB. The operators are Turkish Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Pegasus Airlines. The destinations: Istanbul, Brussels, Lyon. Two flights per day are made, one international and one national.

Role in the project: will support WP1 Case Study on Airport Security, will provide expert input on airport security issues, and support to external relations.

Interest in project results: New airside capacity and facility developments in Anadolu airport require new passenger services and security screening. The airport management is already planning to improve these applications. The new applications will be supported to create security screening system by this project efforts and outputs.

Related projects: Anadolu academics are or have been involved in aviation projects which were funded by Anadolu University and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Key Personnel

Dr. Ugur Turhan received his BS degree (1998) in Air Traffic Control Department of School of Civil Aviation and received his MS (2001) and PhD (2007) degrees in Civil Aviation Management Program at Anadolu University. He has been serving as an assistant professor lecturing and researching in the subjects of air traffic management rules and procedures for  aerodrome simulation, human factors, and safety management in aviation operations. He is working as ATC Director for the Anadolu Airport Safety Management System.

Dr. Nalan Ergun received her BS degree (1998) in the Aviation Management Department of School of Civil Aviation and received her MS (2001) and PhD (2008) degrees in Civil Aviation Management Program at Anadolu University. She has been serving as an instructor and researcher in the subjects of Aviation Security, Management and Organization, Human Behavior in Aviation Organizations. She is holding certifications of “Civil Aviation Security and use of Screening System, Disruptive Passengers and Control, ECAC Workshop on Access Control and Landside Security”. She is also a member of Security Board for the Anadolu Airport.

Birsen Yoruk Acikel received her BS degree in Department of Airframe and Power plant Maintenance, School of Civil Aviation in 2003. She is studying on her PhD in Civil Aviation Management program, Graduate School of Science at Anadolu University. Her PhD study is focused on the subject of the Airspace Dynamic Density and Cost Index in Aviation operations. She is also researching in the subjects of cost index, airline costs, aircraft performance, airspace complexity, sustainability and environment in aviation, airframe and power plant. She works in Anadolu University School of Civil Aviation as a member of aerodrome control simulation team since July 2003.